Motor Trade Insurance




Lowering expenses in your UK motor trade business means more profit for you. One of the ways you can do this is to have the right motor trade insurance for your business, whether it is a start-up or an established business. This insurance covers every business from body shops to mechanical workshops, car restoration, car dealerships and tire companies.


As a company you might understand the need for the right motor trade insurance cover for your company, but you might not understand the inclusions in the insurance package. Here is a run-down of what you should expect.


Premises Cover


You undertake your business from a building. This is where you store your materials and equipment, and serve your clients on daily basis. It is therefore vital that you get the right cover for the premises. Motor trade insurance provides cover against theft, fire and natural calamities.


Additionally, you can get loss of income cover. Here, you get covered in case your premises get damaged and you are unable to do business. The cover provides cash to enable you pay salaries and bills.


Tools and Equipment Cover


As a business, you must have invested heavily in expensive tools and equipment to make sure you give the best services to your customers. But what happens when the equipment gets damaged by fire? Motor trade insurance cover provides for replacements quickly to enable you continue serving your customers.


Public Liability Cover


It only takes slipping on an oil spill or a badly placed tool to cause injury to a customer who has just walked into your premises. This is why public liability cover is included in the motor trade policy - to cushion you against claims running into thousands of dollars in case of injury to visitors.


Employer’s Liability


This is a legal requirement for any employer in the UK who has one or more employees. The motor trade industry deals with equipment and tools, which can easily injure a worker. This part of the policy covers all employees from permanent employees to those who have just come in for experience.


Cover for Road Risks


This cover is ideal when you have drivers on the road, whether they are driving vehicles that belong to the company or not. The cover provides protection that is similar to what is provided by normal car insurance.


Let’s say you own a mechanical workshop. Your mechanics might want to test drive the vehicle to find out whether the job was done the right way. Motor trade insurance cover provides protection against any accidents that might happen when the mechanic is on the road driving the customer's vehicle.


In conclusion, you know that your motor trade business is important to you as a source of income. Any claim that requires you to pay from your pocket can run you bankrupt, leading to losses. You don’t have to admit liability when you have motor trade insurance, because it covers all aspects of your motor trade insurance.